Tuesday, June 2, 2009

culinary excellence on shepherd and 11th st

tonight we sought out a particularly fine dining venue on the corner of shepherd and 11th. this little spot may not look like much on the outside, but underneath its humble exterior lies one of the greatest culinary achievements known to man.

8 pieces of fried chicken; 2 medium drinks; 1 biscuit; 2 mashed potatoes w/gravy; 1 cajun rice; 1 cajun fries

ambience: 8
this is definitely a great place for a date. we were the only customers, which is always a plus for an intimate, romantic meal, and the walls had quaint, pleasant murals that transport you to a summer day on a louisiana farm.

service: 7
we had to wait a while to get our food but the service here gets b
onus points because we shared a hearty laugh with the employees over a drive-thru customer's ridiculous request for them remove the skin from her chicken. nothing brings people closer together than making jokes about someone else.

presentation: 7
nothing fancy: cardboard box, some kind of waxy grease-absorbent paper, and a paper bag. simple, unoffensive. the paper bag accentuated the appealing odor of the goods within, which bumps up presentation from mediocre to good.

taste: 10
if church's and golden chick are the toyota and nissan of fried chickens, kfc is the soon to be restructured GM, and popeye's is the lamborghini. this lamborghini happens to run on spicy, greasy goodness.

healthiness: 5
Initially Daryl gave a healthiness rating of 6, but after a nasty dump and a lingering feeling of sluggishness, I feel that, in order to preserve our integrity as food critics, I have to bump down the healthiness rating to a 5.

value: 10
unbeknown to us, tuesdays are 99 cent special days, where you can get 2 pcs for 99 cents, then add 2 sides and a drink for just 2.49. delicious and cheap, can't beat that.

overall: 8
Fried chicken is one of the most common foods, but somehow Popeye's manages to differentiate themselves above the competition. There's nothing better to cancel out all the healthy benefits of a brisk jog through the park than scrumptious greasy fried food straight from the soul of Louisiana.